Green Machine: Chronicles of an Everyday Lightness
Bárbaro Martínez-Ruiz
Cape Town, South Africa, 2016

Born in 1969 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Carlos Luna explores across a far-ranging body of work how memories and imagination affect temporal perception. His art draws deeply upon the rich rural culture...

Jack Rasmussen
Washington, DC January 2016

I was fortunate to spend some time with Carlos Luna in his Miami studio. We discussed his process, the materials and techniques he has mastered, his artistic motifs, and the cultural context that...

A Perpetual Machine: The Art of Carlos Luna
Bárbaro Martínez-Ruiz
Cape Town, South Africa, 2016

History resides in a popular stanza, in a tired horse, in a ruined house, in the plains, the plants, the leaves, in a hero, in a martyr. One must learn history.[1] Manuel Moreno...

Spirit in the Art of Carlos Luna
Henry John Drewal
Madison, WI 2015

Introduction   I flew into Miami through a summer storm to spend some time with Carlos Luna. The billowing dark clouds, thunder, lightening, powerful winds, and heavy rains rocked the plane....

The Unsettling Art of Carlos Luna, or The Naughty Boy’s Tricks
Ramón Alejandro
Miami, FL August 2015

For a work of art to achieve the rare quality that allows it to be considered a classic it must be the result of the mastery of a craft possessed by the artist who created it. Throughout the...

CARLOS LUNA. An Artist’s Journey
Carol Damian, Ph.D.
Miami, FL 2015

Carlos Luna has long been concerned with the passage of time and the persistence of memory in works that are now recognizable for their prodigious use of popular Cuban imagery, Caribbean symbols, and...

Alberto Jorge Carol
Miami, FL 2014

The art of Carlos Luna is UNIQUE. For many reasons. He was born in the year ’69—erotic number—of the 20th century, in San Luis, Pinar del Rio, Cuba. There he...

Carlos Luna: A Book of Days
Carol Cheh
Los Angeles, CA 2010

Born in Cuba in 1969, Carlos Luna has always been an artist; he recalls making a painting of his mother at the age of seven. His prodigious talent was recognized and nurtured from an early age, as he...