Carlos Luna: Keep Your Eyes on Me
By Enrique García Gutiérrez
San Juan, PR. September 3, 2007
Viewers standing before Carlos Luna’s El Gran Mambo (2006, oil on canvas, 144" X 192")...,
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A Conversation with Carlos Luna. The Bird-Of-Paradise and Its Shadow
By Jesús Rosado
Miami, FL. Summer of 2007
JR: How did Carlos Luna, the painter, emerge? CL: I'm going to confess something that I haven't made public before...
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Carlos Luna: An Island for the Road
By Jesús Rosado
Miami, FL. September 2006
Carlos Luna’s visual harvest abounds in exceptional qualities. First and foremost among these is his conscious decision to paint...
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Painted Memoirs
By Scott Schweigert
Annville, PA. November 2006
Any artist is bound to paint aspects of his own autobiography and construct an iconography that is uniquely his own...
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Carlos Luna The Artist as he is
By Jaime Moreno Villarreal
Mexico, DF. October 2001
When a painting of Carlos Luna is contemplated for the first time, its volumetric paradox assails and enhances...
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A “Compay” who dances like an Egyptian
By Martin Peregrina
Puebla, Mexico. 2001
What relation is there between a Cuban Compay and Amenhotep IV? Between an islander ...
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