By Alberto Jorge Carol
Miami, FL. 2014
The art of Carlos Luna is UNIQUE. For many reasons. He was born in the year ’69—erotic number—of the 20th century, in San Luis...
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Carlos Luna: A Book of Days
By Carol Cheh
Los Angeles, CA. 2010
Born in Cuba in 1969, Carlos Luna has always been an artist; he recalls making a painting of his mother at the age of seven...
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Pablo Picasso Ceramics | Carlos Luna Paintings A Matter of Life and Death
By Annegreth Nill
Fort Lauderdale, FL. August 2008
It is sometimes difficult to reconstruct the birth of an idea. Showing the paintings of contemporary artist Carlos Luna (b. Cuba, 1969) ...
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Carlos Luna: Cuban Artist at the Crossroads
By Curtis L. Carter
Milwaukee, WI. July 1, 2008
Who is the artist Carlos Luna? Carlos Luna would say that he is a Cuban artist, and this is true ...
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The Tree of Life: Real and Fantastic
By Carol Damian
Miami, FL. July 2008
The imagery of Carlos Luna is filled with complex patterns and a wealth of detail that serve as the setting for figures, objects, animals...
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Picasso-Luna: The Center, the Fringes…and Vice Versa
By Jesús Rosado
Miami, FL. May 2008
What elements could provide agreement or harmony – or at least affinity – between the artistic trajectory ...
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